About the Author

Good day to all readers,

The author of this random blog is someone whose name is Fred (フレッド in Japanese katakana character). He used to have a blog in Blogger but due to some changes on his life, he imported all of his entries on this WordPress account and thus continue the trend of blogging here. He is a big fan of anime, games (RPG) and Japanese music primarily because he finds it fun and enjoying. Without it, the author would have probably died right now. Moreso, he’s also blogging very random — anything that he could think of.

At present, he’s on his mid-20’s and currently working as a bank employee in one of the most well-known and prestigious bank not only in his home country (Philippines) but also in other foreign countries Going on his inner persona, he is very sociable and doesn’t like to bite so if you have inquires or anything you may want to ask, do not be afraid to do so.


One response to “About the Author

  1. Carl Joseph “Yueh” Lanada

    2014/01/29 at 11:25 am

    Nice.. I just noticed most of the authors of the blogs for Our Favorite Singer Mami Kawada came fom the Philippines.. i just hope she may come up to have a concert here.. ^^ (Though it waas impossible bacause Mami Kawada is not popular in the Philippines.. ^^)


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