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10 Apr

I’ve never been a big alan fan before the release of her single Diamond/Over the clouds which is a big reminiscent of works from J-pop empress Ayumi Hamasaki (since they belong in the same recording label and all). Even if it is really a generic song, somehow it sticks in my mind and admittedly I like those kind of songs.

And after I didn’t really like Kaze ni Mukau Hana that much. I like it but I got fed up with it after some listens plus the B-side kinda sucks. And then I searched her discography which are mostly her past works. I was intrigued by the 5-element singles and tried them out and it was worth it. Also Ashita e no Sanka and it really moved me.

And recently, even though I haven’t fully downloaded my life album, I decided to try the titular track itself and it really got me teary-eyed for some reason. It was so pure and sincere and I can really feel the emotion on the song especially after seeing the translation of the song. I was really touched and moved by the message. I really couldn’t ask for more. It’s a sad song yes but it’s really beautiful on its own way. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! (Though it’s too late for recommendation since it was already released almost 2 years ago).

Here’s the video and for those who wants to see the translation and romaji and sing along, click here.

I just downloaded the song last night and I already listened to it for more than 50 times. It’s so tear-inducing and at the same time, lovely! I give it a 5/5 rating.

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