Maon Kurosaki – Memories Last single review

10 Apr

At long last, after two weeks I’m gonna do the review for Maon’s latest single.

Maon Kurosaki - Memories Last

2011.03.02 Maon Kurosaki - Memories Last

  1. Memories Last
  2. Best friends
  3. Memories Last -instrumental-
  4. Best  friends -instrumental-

Memories Last is Maon’s 2nd single released under Geneon Universal. It’s also her second tie-up with the Index project and 13th tie-up with the HOTD franchise (coupling song). This single was able to garner the #14 spot in the Oricon weeklies and sold 6,718 copies on its first week.

The idea of this song is somehow… good but it has to be noted that Nakazawa and Ozaki of I’ve Sound are the ones behind the creation of the song so the feel of the song for me is so natural, generic but still good. Hearing the intro of the song, I thought I was listening to KOTOKO‘s bumpy-Jumpy!! because of its perkiness and light-rock nature. But somehow, Maon was able to expound a new flavor on the song so the thought of the similarity to the former song was eventually erased right after Maon started her vocals. Smart timing of electric guitars and the presence of some strings are good points for me — not too messy for my taste and it makes me really happy when I hear this song. 😀 Although it’s nothing new for my hearing, I think this song was able to caught my attention and had me hearing for some hours.

Going next to the coupling song Best friends which was used as an ending theme to the OVA of her first anime tie-up Highschool of the Dead, was something I expected. A cheesy non-ballad pop song. It was too pop for my taste so I really didn’t appreciate the song on first listen. I just knew I need to listen to it more so that I could like it more. And I did considering that Maon has done no ballads on her singles and I’m kinda thankful for that. She needs more rock performance! 😀 I have no other concerns regarding the coupling song but rather skip these kind of songs next time since it really doesn’t suit Maon’s strong voice.

Overall, 4/5


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2 responses to “Maon Kurosaki – Memories Last single review

  1. Ethyl Dellow

    2011/04/11 at 2:10 am

    is your website compatible with iphone.because when i tried to read your blog from my iphone the sidebar got messed up.

    • fierycrimson

      2011/04/11 at 11:11 pm

      probably. haven’t tried that for myself. maybe it has got something to do with the theme.


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