Mami Kawada – See visionS single review

20 Mar

I’ve been meaning to do a review on Mami’s previous single No buts! but for now, I’m sticking with the newest single. I’m still in the process of making the right words for it since it was so great. So great that I could listen to it all day. 😀

Mami Kawada - See visionS

2011.02.16 Mami Kawada - See visionS

  1. See visionS
  2. Don’t interrupt me
  3. PSI-missing -2011 remix-
  4. See visionS -instrumental
  5. Don’t interrupt me -instrumental-

See visionS is Kawada’s 10th single under the Geneon-Universal recording label. The titular track was used as the 2nd opening theme for Toaru Majutsu no Index II replacing No buts!. The single sold 9,313 copies on its first week garnering the #14 spot in the Oricon weeklies chart and as of now, it has surpassed the 15,000th mark and continuously selling.

The idea of Kawada having to perform the second opening theme for Index II is somewhat… very predictable since she did it with the first series. But somehow, after going through some hyper-voltage kind of songs for the series like the previously mentioned No buts! and second opening theme of the first series masterpiece, I was kinda expecting she’d pull through the pseudo-denpa style till the end but somehow, the release of See visionS‘s preview, it came to me that I already know who’s the commander of this song — The synchronization, plucking of the electric guitar and the synth effects it all leads to none other than Maiko Iuchi. But it came to me, “why is the intro so mediocre? It’s the opening song, it should be energetic!” But after a while, surprisingly, it became groovy and enlightening somehow.

What I like about this song is that is so experimental and hybrid. I love how Iuchi dwells into something new and deviating the usual I’ve flavor on every release. The tweaking of the vocal effects, synchronization, the presence of violin sounds, not too heavy electric guitar riffs and some guitar riffs as well — it was playfully experimented and of high quality. It may not equal or surpass the quantity of randomness and the hyper energetic factor of No buts! however, the crafting of this song is so epic win for me. Plus, I love how Mami delivered her vocals — it’s so finesse and vibrant. Seeing the lyrics of this song, it somehow reflects a positive energy and inspiration which really contrasts the meaning of the previous opening theme.

Going to the next track Don’t interrupt me, another fascinating techno track which really lives up to the reputation of producers Nakazawa and Ozaki. It may sound standard for some (like me) but if you want to lighten up and dance in the spotlight, then you’d probably enjoy this track as well. Mami’s trying-to-be-arrogant voice somehow strikes up and gives a knock-out to those who want to make a deal with her. XD Oh yeah, Mami you’re so KEWL!

However, upon stumbling on the third track, “Oh it’s a 2011 remix of my beloved PSI-missing!” I thought our genius Nakazawa would do a more trance-based remix of the song which is somewhat similar to the master groove circle remixes but rather made a messy techno remix with Ozaki showering it with his electric guitar. Dance-able? Somehow, yes but more of a soundtrip only and yet it’s too hard for my ears to surpass my love for the original version. Listenable at an extent but not exactly something I could listen for a long time. Not saying it’s so bad but definitely something not too memorable. No matter what others say, the original version of PSI-missing is still the best Index opening theme ever! 😛

And for that, I will rate the single 4/5.


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3 responses to “Mami Kawada – See visionS single review

  1. Azure Edge

    2011/03/26 at 5:22 pm

    (O_O) YEY for thinking that See visionS single is cool! (^_^) Anyway, it’s a great review!

    • fierycrimson

      2011/04/02 at 12:31 pm

      Thank you. 🙂 Yeah See visionS is really cool for me. Seeing your blog, I see that you’re a big Mami fan just like me. Keep it up! (^_~)

  2. Christian

    2011/07/21 at 4:46 am

    sana pde q ma add si MamiKawada sa Facebook and sana Malaman q qng anu ba ang mga Favorite PSP 2.3. Game and Online Game…… And Favorite Anime ^_^

    and I Love Anime:Shakugan no shana I Love you Shana hihintayin kita shana d2 sa mundong 2 ^_^
    para ikaw ang makasama q


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