Kalafina – Magia single review

04 Mar

Look who’s reviewing the Magia single now? Yes, it’s been in my priority list in the first place. I’m just finding the right time to review since I’m always bombarded with RL stuffs and all, I decided to make a review for Magia right after some hours making the review of Lasei.

Kalafina - Magia

2011.02.16 Kalafina — Magia

  1. Magia
  2. snow falling
  3. Magia ~instrumental~

Magia is Kalafina’s 9th maxi single — overall produced by none other than the almighty Yuki Kajiura. This was released way back February 16, 2011 and garnered the #7 spot in the Oricon weeklies (after a week of its release) and sold 22,315 copies — YES, this is their highest charting single with the highest sales to date (compared to Hikari no Senritsu which also got #7 but only sold 10,514 copies compared to this single which sold TWICE higher) and sold 22,335 copies (beating oblivious by 5,208 copies).

The concept of Magia actually surprised me for quite a bit because of the tie-up — which was Puella Magi Madoka Magica. At first look, I was like, “Oh no! Don’t tell me Kalafina will be in the cutesy side as well!?” But when I first heard the TV size version of the song, it hit me right to the spot making me fall in love at every second Kajiura embedded on this song. The flow is somewhat identical to previous singles Lacrimosa and progressive but there is something more charming about this. Very experimental and Hikaru on the main spot is a very interesting change since it’s usually Wakana who’s like the main role of the play. If I’m not mistaken, Hikaru had her first and last lead role since sprinter/ARIA so it’s really been a while.

The combination of the agonizing sound of the violins of despair and the banging of the mad electric guitar riffs plus the symphonic bells made the song quite an explosion to somewhat poppy and perky side of the opening theme of Puella Magi Madoka Magica (which is ClariS‘s Connect single — which is actually much more popular than I ever imagined but don’t be mistaken, I also love that song. ;P). While Wakana acts as a support, Keiko also played quite a vital role on making the song quite loveable. With her deep and cold voice, she leaps and interacts with Hikaru’s strong vocalization providing a good harmony inside and out. I also love the bridge part where Keiko had her solo part — it was so intimate! I won’t go through the meaning of the song since my good friend Yuki-chan already provided it in her Magia review.

Going over the ballad-y snow falling, I thought it was going to be another Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa. Yes, it was a bit similar but I’m glad it’s not going towards the direction it leads to (I really don’t know, I just don’t like that song too much). The coupling song is the complete opposite of the titular track but I’d say, I like it because it was more sincere and serene — not only that, it portrays a different image to Kalafina — they’re not just into gothic/neoclassical influences but also into uplifting piano ballads which is similar to Wakana’s version Mizu no Akashi. Very whole and expressive. Though not a very strong track compared to other ballad B-sides Gloria, I still appreciate Kajiura’s effort in enriching her ballad vocabulary without the much neoclassical/gothic/darkwave influence.

And I will also mention here the magic mix of Magia which was a short rearrangement of the titular track (included in the Anime Edition of the single). For me, I also like how Kajiura put some magical touches on her rearrangements — the harmony of the violin and the absence of some other heavy elements (that are present to the original version) makes this track a refreshing change. The strong violin solo in the middle part plus some viola makes that part more folksy type — another variation which is rarely present on Kalafina’s other songs.

Overall, this single is highly recommended not just for anison lovers like me but also to classical music lovers as well. I approve it with a 4.5/5.

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