ELISA – Lasei album review

04 Mar

It has come to me that when I saw ELISA will be having her third album, I was like “That was kinda fast” since she only released one official single to carry up for an album. Naturally, you set up for 2-4 singles before you came up with an album unless you have a natural creative music creator who could make up for that. But never mind that since they actually made up for it with this album.

ELISA - Lasei

2011.02.16 ELISA — Lasei


  1. Prologue of Lasei
  2. God only knows
  3. 集積回路の夢旅人 (Shuuseki Kairo no Yume Tabibito)
  4. Light To Unite
  5. 機械仕掛けのシンデレラ (Kikai Jikake no Cinderella)
  6. Special “ONE” album ver.
  7. 真実の証 (Shinjitsu no Akashi)
  8. True my sight.
  9. Reminisce
  10. Heaven’s Sky
  12. 深淵のプロフェシア (Shin’en no Prophecia)
  13. Epilogue of Lasei

Lasei is ELISA’s third studio album produced by Geneon Universal which was released last February 16, 2011. It was able to attain #26 in the Oricon weekly charts — highest charting album but not literally beating her first album white pulsation‘s first-week sales (3,309 copies sold by Lasei vs. 4,841 copies sold by white pulsation).

At first listen, the flow of this album is… kinda weird and squeezed out. It felt like “Is this really ELISA who is singing in this album?” and “What does Lasei means?“. The answer is a big YES because if you jumbled her name, you will come up with L-A-S-E-I. Lol of me for thinking it was some sort of Latin word. But after looping the album for several times I think the flow of this album still weird but not too random anymore.

I think the producers of the album came up with another method of portraying this album like some sort of chapters devoted to the second track God only knows. There are many varieties of song based on symphonic pop-rock genres unlike her first album white pulsation. Beginning with the prologue with the album, I think this one is the most superior of all what she”s done — more of a Star Wars-esque with some choral influences unlike the prologues for white pulsation and Rouge Adolescence which are only like piano-based ballad intros.

Then comes the eight-minute track God only knows which is the intro theme for the anime 神のみぞ知るセカイ (Kami Nomizo Shiru Sekai, The World God only knows). According to some sources, the song has a total of 6-7 chapters and that the anime used the 3rd chapter of the song to be the TV-sized version. Haven’t seen the anime but seeing the plot summary, IMO it doesn’t really fit the song. 😛 LOL. But stepping that aside, the song is very well made and playfully made by some creative musicians. Very modernly orchestral from mediocre intro to encouraging tones to here-we-go-let’s-fight tone to but-this-is-it feeling tone etc. But the weakness of this song is the Engrish > Not that I’m belittling ELISA’s English diction but she should strive harder to pronounce more clearly. But nonetheless, the effort she’s done with all that 8:08 track with pure English is really a big effort. Instrumentation-wise with the use of violin, guitars, piano, symphonic bell, drums and some synthesizers. Now that’s some production!

The next song is more of a sequential song and it’s a solo version of one of the songs presented in The World God only knows. 1:30 and the chapters of that anime is done with the album. More of an acoustic intro and then eventually it becomes genki and… nothing too special if you ask me.

The next track was too obvious for me. When I first heard Light To Unite, I thought the synths used were too familiar. It was too fripSide for my taste and bingo, when I saw the credits, I knew Yaginuma Satoshi (or sat for short) was the only one capable of doing such songs. Song was too distinguishable but I didn’t say it was bad of a thing. I actually like the song because of it’s energy and encouraging tune. The usual fripSide goodness but even more good because ELISA is on it~ ♥

Leaning into the symphonic pop era of the album, we go back to the usual ELISA way of album. Kikai Jikake no Cinderella is somewhat similar to Real Force but has more symphonic taste on it with some dramatic aura on it. The album version of Special “ONE” is still the same good song but has some extended intro on it which made it more classy and special. It has to be noted that the next track Shinijitsu no Akashi is ELISA’s first song she wrote and it came out as a nice ballad but too anime-ish for me (though it has no anime tie-up). It kinda sounded bland at first but maybe it was just that my expectation was not met because I was expecting a lively song. Nice try but she could try better next time. True my sight. sounded like it was copying ebullient future‘s tone at some point and lacks originality but instrumentation is astonishing.

The songs mentioned before this paragraph are one of the main flaws of the album — some are hit while some are misses for me since it’s nothing new to me already. I think ELISA should collaborate with other composers next time since she needs to expand more and more — not to stick with one similar track but different lyrics and that’s the main reason I wasn’t listening to any western songs lately.

Going back to the album review proper, the next track is called Reminisce and it’s a very cool pop-rock tune which is seemingly similar to ebullient future‘s B-side song pray but with a more cool tune and free-spirited atmosphere which somehow makes this one of the stand-outs of the album because of its uniqueness and light perkiness. Surprisingly, it synchronizes with ELISA’s somewhat airy voice which usually blends up with the ballad genre which is the subject of the next song.

Heaven’s Sky which is the B-side of the single Special “ONE” has gotta be one of the most soothing, epic win and memorable ELISA has ever done on her music industry. Fell in love with it at first listen because of it’s feel of sincerity and honesty. I loved this one first before I can fully ingested the main track Special “ONE”. Slow but calming and sincere — these are the characteristics that I really love when dwelling myself into ballads.

Moving into the last arc of the album which is the dark symphonic era — which I think is one of the most striking part of this album since ELISA rarely does dark songs aside from the Prophecia songs. STONE CIRCLE is not a complete dark song — at some point, it’s struggling and searching while the other point, it’s alluring (based on its lyrics which is pure English). But you can tell by the intro of the song that this is just not the ordinary ELISA song you’ve heard. It’s thrilling, adventurous and playful at some aspect.

Next is the last full song of the album which is the continuum of the Prophecia songs entitled Shin’en no Prophecia. Somehow different from the first two Prophecia songs because they are heavily upbeat and suggests an upcoming apocalypse while this one here is the outcome of these two apocalypse which expresses despair at some point and of course, sorrow and agony while struggling to fight. A light rock pop tune with a touch of drama on it.

The epilogue continues the atmosphere of the last song which sounds like a sad departure of the world. It does sounds like the prologue but injected with the flow of sadness of the outcome of Shin’en no Prophecia. But in the end, it gives a spark of hope that will help renew with what happened after the abyss.

Not a total perfectly crafted album with some discrepancies because of the lack of originality or new material made by the composers. But not a complete flop, I guess I would rate the album 3.5/5.


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