Upcoming reviews

25 Feb

As I’ve missed doing some reviews, I’ll be committing in doing some reviews for 3 releases which are on my list of listening — which are all released on February 16, 2011. These are:

And as for the Oricon chart sales:

Magia – #7 (23,335 copies sold)
See visionS – #14 (9,313 copies sold)
Lasei – #26 (3,309 copies sold)

I think I would be reviewing Lasei since it’s the lesser known — already saw Magia reviewed by a lot of bloggers so I think I will settle on the lower ranking releases. Plus, it’s an album so I would be enticed to say a lot about its tracklisting. ♥


2 responses to “Upcoming reviews

  1. 黒い雪

    2011/02/25 at 12:06 pm

    You won’t review Magia? but I’m waiting for your thoughts on it XDDD

    • フレッド

      2011/02/26 at 11:59 am

      Oh don’t worry, I’ll be reviewing in sequence. I’ll do Lasei first then I’ll do Magia after. Mami will be the last (but it doesn’t specify that I dislike See visions).


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