Four months ago

18 Feb

Remember when I was inactive for the past four months in blogging from October 2010 to February 2011. It sure was a long vacation errand that every person must go through.

I just remembered that my last post in my Blogger, was way back October 22 — I was unemployed that time and after a week I was able to find a work — not a good one though. I was pre-occupied by lots and lots of work and things that I’m starting to deprive myself on what I really need and want. Not to mention, I was getting indolent that time so I’m not updating my blog anymore (and I don’t know what to write either). I was earning little and my overtime and holiday works are not paid (you can only offset them in another day if you want to go undertime) and I don’t get inspired to work when I’m not paid after a hard day’s work. Who want that kind of treatment? None, right? Plus, some of the higher ups there are just a tick-off and unprofessional.

And by December, my previous supervisor at Metrobank called me and of course, he asked if I had a work/I am working and where etc. Of course, the first thing that run off my mind that time, “What is this? Is this some sort of coincidence that they want to recruit me back there as a personnel? (But of course, as a direct hire — not as an agency worker anymore)” I happen to have a lack of motivation on my current work that time so I tried my luck. I was able to pass the exam and at least had a good interview with the HR and my bosses. But I have to wait for another two weeks to confirm if I pass because Christmas and New Year is on the way.

By January first week, it was confirmed because the one who interviewed me in the HR called me. But he told me that I will be assigned at Metrobank Sucat-Ireneville branch. Fine with me though I still prefer at the head office since I worked there before and I thought that the position was already taken by other. However, nonetheless I still thanked my boss who endorsed me  to the HR.

But you know, in the end, (and at present), I am working in the HO – my previous department. My boss made a move since the other one who passed is still under hypertension so they’ve no choice but to pull me back to the department. 😀

Though my work is a bit tedious, I think I could handle it properly. Though I still have some mishaps till now *bricked* but I’m sure I’ll make an improvement in the next months. Last year after my end of contract in Metrobank, I’m just imagining that I’m working as a regular employee there and I didn’t expect that it will come true. XDDD;; But for now, I’m in probationary status and if I pass the 6 month status, I will be elevated as a regular bank employee. XD I will do my best so that I could attain that status even though I know it will be a long and winding hell in the road!

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