ALI PROJECT – Katana to Saya

20 Aug

Wow I’m afraid I’m a tad too late to post this one. But there’s a saying, “It’s better to be late than never” right? *bricked*

And so now, for the info.
[CD only]

Katana to Saya (刀と鞘, Sword and Sheath)
ALI PROJECT 28th single
2010.08.25 OUT

1. Katana to Saya (刀と鞘) [4:38]
(TV anime “Katanagatari” OP2 theme)
2. Haizakura (灰桜) [4:21]
3. Katana to Saya (instrumental) [4:37]
4. Haizakura (instrumental) [4:18]

wow I already know the song lengths.=3 thanks to Jbook as usual! Already heard the TV size of the titular track and it sounds great! 😀 I like this one better than their previous single Ranse Eroica. It sounded more oriental than Asura Hime and the rhythm is quite good! I hope the coupling song would be good as well since Ude Kaina did not made a great impact on me. And even their ending theme contribution (Yuki no Onna) to the same anime did not made me any happier.

The single covers were also pretty great! I’m really impressed with the clothing and the design of the jackets! Bravo!

mood: a bit bored
rhythm: “Boukoku Kakusei Catharsis” – ALI PROJECT
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