Time sure flies fast…

13 Jun

Tomorrow, my “substitute” is going to start working tomorrow.

It’s been a good 4½ months since I worked at Metrobank and time sure flies, at first I didn’t know anything there but then after a while, I get to learn those stuff and meet new friends. It’s just a bit fast — I still didn’t want to leave there since I already enjoyed the work. But what can I do? That 6-month-contract would be almost out. Though I keep telling my friends to still keep in touch with each other, there will come a time that they won’t be messaging you in any way, I will surely miss them.

And as I come to my early stage of departure to my work, I’m admittedly sad because I was already happy but I will have to part ways with them.

Just sharing and spamming nonsense on my blog. And it’s been a while since I posted something RL right? But at least, I won’t be that busy since there is someone who’ll do my job in the next few days.


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Posted by on 2010/06/13 in RL


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