Hiatus or not?

07 Oct


Err, I don’t know? Really, although I’m still just a trainee/newbie (or whatever you call it), it felt like I was already working a long time ago. And I got too busy that I only get an hour (or even lesser) to check my mail, facebook, multiply etc.

My work schedule is 8:00am-6:30pm and it’s not always followed. Sometimes, I leave the workplace at 7pm then I got home by 8pm. After that, eat dinner and do my assignments as an HR Coordinator — then sleep because of exhaustion. And when I arrive home, there’s already one using this PC so don’t really have that time. After my assignments, which I will probably finish on or before 12mn, I’ll sleep.

Alarm my cellphone at 4:00am. Well ever since I started as a trainee, I didn’t get any decent sleep so as of now, I still feel sleepy. *yawn*

So I don’t really know if I’ll be in hiatus in the next few days. Who knows? The weekend is approaching. And that would be my only time to go online.


感情: hungry, preparing for work.ö
音楽: “Bizarrerie Cage” – MELL

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