>Top 10 ALI PROJECT best covers

23 Sep


At last, I’m able to do this. ;D I’ve planned to do it 2 months ago already but because of lack of basis (since I haven’t seen all of their single/album covers that time), I have to put this on hold. And I have to consult my younger sister who is also a AliPro fanatic just like me. 😛

And when I said “Best Cover” — it’s only the cover — not the best songs. But I’m going to give also a remark on the cover about its songs as well if I can. XD And because of the continuous innovation of Arika’s make-up artists and their clothing line, might as well do this one — for enjoyment. Everyone may or may not agree with my top 10 but this is my opinion — I’m not basing it as a whole. So let’s proceed.

Top 10 ALI PROJECT best covers

10. Aristocracy (4th studio album)

If I’m not mistaken, this is their first album in the Kuro Ari (Black Alice) phase. The cover is very simple yet maintains its classy feel. Although Arika looked a bit old when she was still young, the overall package of the cover is warm and colorful due to the wings of the huge butterfly (although the colors are quite contrasting).

9. Baragoku Otome (17th maxi single)

I like how they styled Arika’s hair on this single. Plus the stuffed lion was also a factor, though it’s kinda out of placed. For a very gothica-feel single, the cover doesn’t say it all because it’s lightly colored and it’s like she’s in a mini doll house (probably based on Rozen Maiden you think?) — but I still love her appearance on the cover.

8. Kinsho (8th studio album)
I love her librarian look on here — she looks like a nerd. XD Although she’s already 43 when they shooted this photo, it doesn’t really matter. You might think this is a Shiro Ari one, huh? I’m afraid not — this one’s a pure Kuro Ari (although not the last song). Even though the cloud background was kinda “off”, the overall outlook of it including the one-eyed man w/ half of its moustache as its parody since it’s looking on Arika’s legs. 😛

7. DALI (2nd studio album)

One of the albums when they were still in the Shiro Ari (White Alice) phase. This one’s also a very classy one and indeed warm because of the velvety red color. The font used was simple but I really like the “A” in the bottom right part of the cover. The vibe of the cover is a bit strong and attractive.

6. Senritsu no Kodomotachi (25th maxi single)

At first look, this one’s also a Shiro Ari but it’s NOT. Definitely not — the titular track itself sounds ominous and violent. And who would’ve thought they imitate Virgin Mary on such an ominous single? They could have done this with pastel pure (which was the opening theme for Maria-sama ga Miteru) — oh well that’s because there’s fire — one of their unique concepts that lead to the title of the coupling song of this single entitled Hell’s Maria. The cleanliness of Arika’s outfit somehow attracted me and pulled its way to the one of the best covers I’ve ever seen.

5. Poison (10th studio album)

Who would’ve thought that the smexy French bunny outfit made its way here, no? It’s all gothic appearance and gutty way of appearing like that appealed to me that it should be the center of all beauty of AliPro. XD For a 44 year old eccentric lady to pose something just like a 20+ year old gal?! It’s very much gutsy of her plus her image is somewhat different here — it’s kinda deadly. XD Although the font in using the word “Poison” did not really suit the mood but at least her get-up was the most specified asset of the cover.

4. Soubikakei (5th best album)

Never thought Arika could wear something bright? Well now you can! It’s too yellow — and I love it ever since I ever saw it. The best AliPro songs are also found here since it is a compilation of their songs with Rozen Maiden, Mai-Hime (game) and some new songs including the titular track Soubikakei (which means “Rose Crucifixion”). So can Arika tell that it is how they crucify you beneath the roses? 😛 And I have to admit, I did not noticed the skull on the front when I saw this the first time because it was so bright — I thought it was some kinda shiny rock. XD

3. Jigoku no Mon (24th maxi single)

Haha one of their latest single actually. This is (probably) caused by Arika’s too much Chinese/oriental fondness that’s why they actually made her look like that. This cover is LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. XD Although one person said it was “scary”. Yuki-chan, are you there? If you’re reading, better close your eyes. 😛 Although the PV was kinda boring because she’s just there dancing and doing all possible moves, the cover was just beyond fascinating. She looks really great with that outfit. There are actually 2 versions of this cover, the one with the sword (the pic above) and the one with the fan and they both have ominous looks on them. 😛 Although I like this one better that why I posted it rather than the other.

2. Grand Finale (5th strings album)

Probably one of the best albums I’ve ever heard — it contains some of their Kuro Ari and Shiro Ari pieces made it into strings/orchestral versions. As for the cover, I also LOVE this one since it got the second spot! It’s so classy yet so navy~ XD Plus, the frame somehow suited the theme of the album (although I though this was their last release because of its name). I want to make a banner of this cover one time because it’s so cool and she also maintained her “usual look” on this one compared to this year’s (2009) releases which are totally different styles & images (e.g. the Poison album).

1. Asura Hime/Ashura Hime (13th maxi single)

Hahaha for me this is still the BEST AliPro cover ever she looked like a doll on this pose and I’d never thought she’d do something like this. Although it’s too Japanese, the kimono was just too outstanding and beautiful — much more beautiful than Nana Kitade wore on her Tsukihana PV. She looked really young on this one (defying her age). The overall vibe of the cover was also pretty strong — although not very much the song. I love it but the synths that Katakura-san used for the song was a bit eerie but still maintain the Japanese feel — the reason why they made her look like that probably. The electric guitar intro was one of the best assets of this song though. ;D

— There. It’s a bit long so the worst covers will be next. ;D I’m going to post them one of these days too. And now it’s time for me to retire for now since I was already in front of the PC for 9hours. x__X


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音楽: “pastel pure” – ALI PROJECT

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