>Happy 3rd anniversary, RT!!!

23 Sep


Although this may be a bit a late (for two days in precise) but my blog, Radiant Tomorrow is celebrating third year anniversary. x3

Damn, I didn’t expect that my blogging life was already this long. 😄 Oh yes, and beginning this territory was one of the most unforgettable experience since it has all of my rants and raves for the past three years. ;D And when I opened this blog, it was that time when it was raining all hard here in the country. 😄 (remember typhoon Milenyo?) And after two weeks, the sun finally smiled at me.

And the story when all this RL-blogging became a music-oriented one, I didn’t know how it all started and all I know I was already into J-music — particularly I’ve Sound. 😄 And after some time, it would go into hiatus’ and I go back of course. Then finding new ideas and inspirations — it was all part of this blog.

And on it’s 3rd anniversary, I also celebrate that I’m having a work now! 😀 And actually that’s the reason why I am delayed on posting this one. But it’s all for the better. 😄 I’m just going to complete my requirements and I’m all for it.

I hope this blog would still be alive for many years — but oh well, that’s up to me. But I could say, it will really last since my passion for blogging has not died out. *huggles my blog*


感情: still a bit tired
音楽: “Hane” – KOTOKO

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