>eufonius’ new album "Ao no Scape"

19 Sep


It has been a while since I heard something from this duo, and I’m pretty glad they’re coming up with another studio album — a fourth one is always welcome. but even though this is the 4th studio album, it is already an overall of 8 albums — which is not really that bad if you ask me.

Their recent release Nejimaki Musica (mini-album) was very cute with some of their songs converted into some music box version but have to admit, it lacked promotion because it was an individual release and all so even though it debuted on #15 on the Oricon dailies, it dropped instantly the next day. And after a week, I saw that this EP flopped to #165. o_O’

But no worries since, they have a new album entitled Ao no Scape (碧のスケープ, lit. Green Scape) which will be release on September 30, 2009. The photo above was the promo pic for their album and I love this photo because it’s one of their greatest photo to date (those posted in the where kinda miserable plus riya in glasses is so pretty ♥ and Hajime Kikuchi looks slimmer and better in this pic)

Ao no Scape (碧のスケープ, lit. Green Scape)
eufonius 4th studio album
2009.09.30 OUT

(P.S.: Wow, it’s the first time I saw an album cover from them with riya and cuckool on it. XD)

01. scape
02. アネモイ~album mix~

03. 碧色の空 (Hyakuiro no Sora, lit. Jade-colored Sky)
04. Gebiet~album mix~

05. elekto
06. そのままの僕で~Piano Solo~(Sono Mama no Boku de)
07. リフレクティア (Reflectier)
(TVアニメ『true tears』オープニングテーマ)

08. Angel on tree
(TVアニメ『true tears』イメージソング)

09. Aporia
10. phosphorus
(TVアニメ『神曲奏界ポリフォニカ クリムゾンS』オープニングテーマ)

11. 空想庭園 (Kuusou Teien)

The tracklisting looks good since most of their powerful tie-ins (Reflectier and phosphorus which are both ) are present — even some of their coupling songs and image songs from different anime series. I wonder why Kono Koe ga Todoitara is not present. =S

All songs are composed/arranged by Hajime Kikuchi while lyrics and vocals are provided by riya.

Information courtesy of their main website.


感情: bloated
音楽: “Indelible Name” by eufonius

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