>Mami Kawada’s 8th single confirmed, Kalafina’s 6th single coupling song revealed, C.G mix’s "true eyes" short version available for hearing

10 Sep



Everyone (who has money! *bricked*) could now avail through pre-order, Mami Kawada‘s 8th single entitled Prophecy through Amazon!

I think it’s the Opening Theme for the Shakugan no Shana S which will be her fifth tie-in over-all with the series. 😀 The coupling song will be the ending theme (which is untitled for now) for the same series. Well just like the JOINT single format nee? But will this be equally as great as JOINT? I don’t know but I’ll keep you posted here whenever a preview comes up! ;D

Mami Kawada’s 8th single

Shakugan no Shana S (OVA) OP/ED single
2009.11.18 OUT

And in other news, the coupling song for Kalafina’s upcoming 6th single entitled progressive is now revealed! It is entitled Utsukushisa and it is rumored that Wakana will do the main vocals on this one! Another dark song! Info courtesy of ;D

Kalafina’s 6th single
SECL-814~5 (CD+DVD), SECL-814-6 (CD-only)
2009.10.28 OUT

1. progressive
2. Utsukushisa
3. progressive -instrumental-

1. progressive PV
2. love come down,Ongaku and Mata Kaze ga Tsuyokunatta Live video (from Kalafina Closed Premium Live on May 19th)
3. TV programme”utatane” on July 18th (Kalafina version)

And the short version for C.G mix’s true eyes is now available for hearing! WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE WHO DON’T LIKE YAOI. XD (Well I don’t like it either… I just closed my eyes while listen to the music. :P)

Here’s the ripped short version of the song (for those who don’t want to watch).

And some unsure news but I read in that there will be a ひとりごと2009ver which will also be contained in KOTOKO’s 4th album Epsilon no Fune. Sorry, I already used google translate but the translation was kinda shitty and vague so I’m not kinda sure about that but definitely there will be a hitorigoto 2009 ver. (^ ^)


感情: a bit perplexed
音楽: “肉体の悪魔” – ALI PROJECT


3 responses to “>Mami Kawada’s 8th single confirmed, Kalafina’s 6th single coupling song revealed, C.G mix’s "true eyes" short version available for hearing

  1. kuroiyuki88

    2009/09/11 at 4:45 pm

    >GO MAMI ! GO KALAFINA ! GO HOME, KOTOKO ! *got claps by Mami/Kalafina fans, bricked by KOTOKO fans*xD~I just want to say, "KOTOKO-san, please go home and take some rest… you did recording during your live tour !! You're overworking !! "KOTOKO omg !! aren't you tired ?! "orzMami's Prophecy sounds promising :Pand Kalafina's progressive is even more promising, another Rock-Kalafina ! WAIIII xD~ *bricked by Kalafina fans who dislike Rock*

  2. Fred Itachi

    2009/09/12 at 6:23 pm

    >hahaha it's a good thing not much KOTOKO fans visits my blog or else, you'll be totally bricked but you're kinda right. 😀 I hope she gets her "rest" for now — she's too hyperactive (but lacks impression and power).

  3. kuroiyuki88

    2009/09/12 at 6:58 pm

    >:Pbut honestly, her BUDOKAN09 performance was… too much power on one side, too less of spirit on the other side ~_~


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