>Kyaah! I’m late for this Sachi Tainaka news! o_O

18 Aug


ZOMG!! I’m so late with the news!!! o_O Why didn’t I look up when I had the time. Gomen nasai, Sachi-chan! T__T

But anyway, just wanted to share that Sachi-chan will actually release her 10th single (finally!) next week, August 26, 2009 together w/ the other releases I’m waiting for! Gyaaah~ it’s been a while since you’ve released a single, really. It’s almost a year after your release w/ Mata Ashita ne/code.

Btw, here’s the details of the single:

運命人 (Unmeibito, lit. Destined Person)
Sachi Tainaka 10th single
2009.08.26 OUT

1. 運命人
3. 運命人 (instrumental)
4. RE:TRAIN (instrumental)

My comment on the song? It’s sounds pretty good than her previous releases, I’d say. Although it’s sounding pretty poppish but as long as it’s good, I’m good with it as well. And the single cover — it’s a totally different image, really. I was kinda shocked! But I’m glad the BoA-look-a-like was already gone. o_o

And don’t think the news is finished! After 3 weeks, Sachi will also release her 3rd album!!! Here’s the details:

Sachi Tainaka 3rd Album
2009.09.16 OUT

01 運命人 (Unmeibito)
02 さよならを言えばいいのに (Sayonara wo Ieba ii no ni)
03 誰にも言えない気持ち (Dare ni mo Ienai Kimochi)
04 夕映えのシネマ (Yuubae no Cinema)
05 守りたいもの (Mamoritai Mono)
06 もう キスされちゃった (Mou Kiss Sarechatta)
07 My HERO
08 code
09 Orange
10 また明日ね (Mata Ashita ne)

First Press Edition will also come w/ a 16-page mini-photobook!

I like the CD+DVD edition cover (2nd pic) because it’s a bit “seductive” while the CD-only was kind of a mishap. o_o But the tracklisting looks a bit generic — probably will contain some of her everlasting ballads, as usual — but it’s already a trademark from her because she works better with ballads but I hope not too generic ones. 😉


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2 responses to “>Kyaah! I’m late for this Sachi Tainaka news! o_O

  1. kuroiyuki88

    2009/08/19 at 4:19 am

    >Sachi-san looked like FJ YUUKA o_0

  2. Fred Itachi

    2009/08/19 at 8:26 am

    >Kinda. :O Especially at the Unmeibito cover. Surprisingly, her hair is growing real fast and straight unlike in the past. *misses her curly ends hair*


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