>And there goes the I’ve Sound Karaoke Contest

26 Jul


感情: excited and nervous at the same time!
音楽: “Tori no Uta” – Lia

I’ve Sound Blog First Annual Karaoke Competition

And so the contest already begins. And my song of choice was already revealed. 😀 I’m actually a bit regretful why my voice can only song a midtempo ballad or some sorts. I could’ve tried more trancey songs just like Re-sublimity, or even rockier songs just like Hishoku no Sora. But oh well, not all are “gifted” of such talented voice so I can’t do anything to do change it but I have to admit, I enjoyed singing SHIFT -Sedai no Mukou- that’s why I chose that as my piece for the contest.

Although not as upbeat as like the other participants are, I really believe that I just did the right stuff because I think of it in a sort of “balanced context”. I mean, not all singles/albums are upbeat, rockin’ or so. Some or most of it must contain a downbeat song to have that “balance”.

Hmm don’t think of this post as some sorts of campaigning because for those who are interesting in voting for the said contest, I’d like to emphasize that I just wanted you to vote for me if you think I deserve some of your vote. But if you think I don’t, then it’s alright. 😀 Vote for the rightful person who really did their best for the karaoke contest. I was thinking of voting for Naddie because I’m really liking her voice for the rendition of DROWNING. ;D

I don’t usually vote myself when it comes to “tough” competitions like this. Even in my high school days when I ran as a candidate for Treasurer in the Student Body Council, I didn’t vote for myself so don’t ask why. XD


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2 responses to “>And there goes the I’ve Sound Karaoke Contest

  1. kuroiyuki88

    2009/07/26 at 1:32 pm

    >You should have choosen other song, fred. Mix-nee's song could have been better choice than SHIFT IMO.and, to tell you the truth, I actually vote pi-pi-pi… She sang DROWNING almost the same as MOMO :Dyou know… i was kinda relieved that i didn't follow the contest… xD~ *bricked*i was thinking about singing either IMMORAL, Get my way!, JOINT or even Re-sublimity (and Re-sublimity is actually out of FUN rather than fitting my ability, wisely xD~ *stomped*)

  2. Fred Itachi

    2009/07/26 at 3:05 pm

    >Yes but you've heard my singing voice right? It was a bit of a hard choice for me but I didn't regret choosing SHIFT. I actually submitted 3 renditions but Aibu chose that one.And I already indicated that my voice for the ballad types so I cannot possibly choose "decent" ones you're expecting.I'll vote for Naddie. I actually like her voice more than Pi-Pi-Pi.


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