>HYDIAN WAY (w/ vocals)

29 Mar


Although the pitch for the instrumental (which was released way earlier) than this one but definitely it does sound better with the vocals. And it even got longer! From 5:48 instrumental it became 6:53 w/ vocals! xDD;; Uplifting and cheerful than See You ~Chiisana Eien~ and as much as I expect it, Tenjou wo Kakeru Monotachi was still much better. I assume KOTOKO did the lyrics for this one.

4 responses to “>HYDIAN WAY (w/ vocals)

  1. kuroiyuki88

    2009/03/30 at 2:08 pm

    >*lol* what a long intro xD xDit’s full-spirited song x3 x3although the harmony is abit weird 😛

  2. kuroiyuki88

    2009/03/30 at 2:19 pm

    >WOOWWW…after listening the second time…i understand abit x3this song must be telling us about their 10-year journey and how they want to thank the fans for supporting them until now…xD xD

  3. Fred_Itachi

    2009/03/31 at 1:48 pm

    >yeah. But I don’t think they’ll be splitting up right? And I also can sense that they’re expressing their gratitude through this song because it’s so uplifting and some sort of “empowering” song. xD

  4. kuroiyuki88

    2009/04/01 at 2:11 pm

    >don’t wanna think they would split up xPi don’t think they will :Dand about the lyricist, you’re right. it’s KOTOKO. it’s in the booklet and the lyrics is also available x3


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