>Haven’t been posting that much

27 Jan


感情: feeling unproductive
音楽: “Saigo no Kajitsu” – Maaya Sakamoto

Ever wondered why I was posting less than usual again? Well like everyone in this real world (even the ones I know here in cyber world) are like, busy with their own lives. Yes, I’m still a hopefully-to-graduate student since I’m very unproductive of my works (because of some school issues) but I really really want to graduate this coming March so that I could at least help our lack of financial resources here in the house (Hehe, but I can’t really promise that after grad because it’s really hard to look for a decent job nowadays!).

Right now, I’m busy with school works — including my thesis, volunteer works, future plans and of course, half-busy with J-pop, anime and other stuffs. 

I don’t really know how will I ever resolve this “unproductiveness” but I’m giving my best shot so that I could meet my requirements although I have to admit, it’s real hard. In the following days/weeks, I’ll be assisting (as a Bedan Volunteer) my fellow students in their immersion somewhere in the Laguna province and I’ll be away for a few days (but it’s still on Feb.9).

And right now, despite the unproductiveness I’m feeling, I’m still posting and thinking for the Chapter 7 of my thesis which are the Proposed Strategies  for my topic. And thinking about what will I include in the Action Plan and Timetable, it gives me the headaches because they’re a bit handful. And for me, it’s the hard part of being solo — but oh well, rather than having a partner who is not reliable after all.

Oh well, gotta finish these stuffs first — but I’ll still be posting in the next few days… I’m still capable of doing that haha! But if not, I’ll declare a hiatus for the meantime. ^^

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