>A New Anime to Look Forward to

18 Jan


感情: excited
音楽: “NightmaRe” – SNoW

Just by exploring and Wikipedia, I just found an anime worth watching and waiting for. This manga-soon-to-be-anime is called Pandora Hearts. As usual it’s a shounen anime. Don’t expect me to hunt a shoujo one. I’ll be either half or not interested at all, I’m telling you. XP According to good ol’ Wikipedia, it is a Japanese manga series by Jun Mochizuki. Originally starting serialization in the shounen manga magazine GFantasy published by Square Enix in June 2006. There are 7 volumes currently released in Japan. To find out more about it, click here.

Title: Pandora Hearts
Genre: Shounen, Supernatural, Comedy, Mystery
Rated: Teenagers

Just what I’m looking for an anime. 😄 I love the genre. 😄 Plus the drawing is great (both anime and manga). It is rumored to be aired on April 2009. And what makes this anime great for me is that Yuki Kajiura-sama will be doing the music/BGMs for this anime!!! *___* Ah sheer greatness that I’ll look forward again. Her BGMs and composed/arranged songs are considered one of the greatest and most epic ever in anime industry. If you’ve already heard some of her works in (some of the) .hack//series, Tsubasa Chronicle, Kara no Kyoukai etc., you know what I mean. 😄

Gyaa~ can’t wait for April to come. *spazz*


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2 responses to “>A New Anime to Look Forward to

  1. Shaoran

    2009/01/19 at 9:03 am

    >So this is the anime you’re looking forward too? The poster seems nice… and the guys is quite handsome… hmmm…I think I like to see this too… 😀 Naks kapatid~! bagong anime na ulet?

  2. Shaoran

    2009/01/19 at 9:05 am

    >Yo kapatid! Gomen kung double post.. is this pandora hearts is an old PSP/PS game before??It kinda looks familiar…


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