I’m still not back for good

27 Mar


sentiment: frustrated
harmony: “Ko no me Kaze” by IKU

My computer’s still not fixed so I’m still not going to post much… I’m just going to post to inform my visitors and readers that I’m still alive — I’m just in a hiatus, but I’m still visiting!

Ah shiat, I still haven’t made my Love is… review, BLAZE, Ko no me Kaze, and SAVIA review! O.o I still have many things to do when my computer got fixed. And what’s worst, my eldest sister terminated our broadband connection! x__X Arrgghh, when I get myself a summer job, I’ll earn for the fixation of the computer (if it’s still not up) or better yet, I’ll restore our broadband. T_T

I’m still frustrated with school… It looks like I’ll fail my Operations Research class… I didn’t do very well with the finals exam, how about that? *gets shot* Oh well better luck next time… Well that’s it for now… I’ll post up again some time.


Posted by on 2008/03/27 in RL


3 responses to “I’m still not back for good

  1. くれくれ厨

    2008/04/14 at 5:07 am

    >ないwwまじないwwwwwwなんでアレだけで10マンもくれるの???ww金持ちってスゲー( ゚д゚)ポカーンごちそうさまでしたwww

  2. Câmera Digital

    2008/04/21 at 12:11 pm

    >Hello. This post is likeable, and your blog is very interesting, congratulations :-). I will add in my blogroll =). If possible gives a last there on my blog, it is about the Câmera Digital, I hope you enjoy. The address is A hug.

  3. 金太郎

    2008/05/07 at 6:18 am

    >まさか家のエレベーターでフ ェ ラされるなんて思ってなかったよ。。ww「ここでフ ェ ラさせてくれたらもっと報 酬あげるよ♪」って言葉に負けましたwww途中で扉が開いた時は焦ったけど、おかげでもっとオッキしたwww


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