>Another batch of nice covers

07 Jan


sentiment: still cramming… xP *but I just can’t get off my hands here*
harmony: “I’m Alive” by Ayana

Well… here I go again for cramming! xD But promise I’ll make this fast… I’m just going to post these lovely single & album covers from Sachi Tainaka. xD

Love is... Regular+DVD album cover

^ This one is the album cover for the DVD of Love is…
(I’m not sure if the regular and the DVD version of the album has the same covers so I’ll be specific)

Visit of love single cover

I know you’ve seen this before but now, I have now a higher resolution of the single cover for Sachi Tainaka’s Visit of love. Her unique smile makes it more lovely than in her Lipstick/Ichiban Boshi single cover.

Well that’s about it. I just got the chance to find the Love is… cover but the traclisting is yet to be available. x_X Next time! (again, as usual!) XD Again, the covers are courtesy of Amazon. Thank them! xD *I thank you*

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Posted by on 2008/01/07 in album, Sachi Tainaka, single, updates


One response to “>Another batch of nice covers

  1. D-tecnoGeek

    2008/01/13 at 12:07 pm

    >/identitycrisisI died at the close-up shot of her in the DVD cover. D: UWAH! SO BEAUTIFUL.


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