Year 2007 Evaluation

30 Dec


sentiment: reminiscing… (do not disturb! Shhh! xP)
harmony: “Hoshi Akari” by Jyukai

Well what can I say? I still made it to next year in one piece! Although at first, I thought I won’t survive because of what’s happening not only in my life but what’s happening overall (with my friends, school life etc.). I have to say year 2007 all has its ups and downs but to tell you the truth, for me, this is one of the toughest year I have because there are more downs than ups. But I’m still thankful that God has given me these trials so that I could learn more about the game called “life”.

Like what I said, this year has been one of the most dramatic year that I had because of the following failures and sorrowful events:

  • Thesis failure — yes, I failed at my thesis subject and I was rather quite shocked when I received my card. Right now, I’m retaking it and hopefully I’ll pass on it this semester alone.
  • GSG disaster — I know most of my friends here in multiply (who will come to read this) can relate on this one. It just happened 10 months ago from now, when one particular new member of the clan (I still can’t forgive what this guy did to our forum) suddenly made a “ruckus” inside the forum and I admit (I’m not a higher rank officer at that time) that me and my friends (who tried to stop that crazy old fella) had a hard time stopping them. But eventually they halted but what I didn’t expect to happen was some of the old and higher officials of the forum suddenly quit their life in the forum because of some private issues and because of what happened. And to think of it, it was only a few days (if I remember correctly) after our admin’s birthday. It was not a good post-birthday event isn’t it?

    As of now, I’m the standing Co-Admin of GSG and still working on how to make it alive again, but what can I say is I cannot accomplish anything alone so to my friends (who are still member of the clan), help me rebuild the once-filled-of-life clan. And thanks to those who continue to support the clan and of course, to those who are working to keep the forum alive. ^_^

  • Not-too-memorable school life — I know this is my fault at times as I am kind of anti-social for some people but I only do this because when I’m with this particular group, I feel “out of place” sometimes. So rather than to feel the distress, I’ll spend my time alone somewhere. Of course, it’s hard to live your life at school alone but I’m still coping up and bearing with it.
  • stressful life — yes, even though I’m not as busy as nursing students, I still live a stressful life because I think too much — new ideas, new strategies, new trials, assignments, projects, case projects, marketing plan, export marketing plan, marketing research, you name it. And I believe lack of time management is one of its major cause. I always cram!! (I need to change now… @_@)
  • too much failures/rejections — not just in my thesis topic but in also some private issues (It’s confidential so forgive me if I’m not going to tell this time).
  • the fanlisting — yes, I still failed on making the first Mami Kawada fanlisting… because I don’t know anything about phpMyAdmin nor mySQL. @_@ I’m not an IT freak (because I’m a Business Management student) and just by looking at the mySQL FAQ’s, I’m already getting dizzy. x__X

Oohh, there’s just too many that I can’t enumerate all of them. But despite the fact that I have many failures, I still have successes in my life that made me proud of myself.

  • I met many friends and still maintaining friendships with my other friends.
  • More anime discoveries
  • My passion to collect I’ve Sound mp3s (well that’s because I already have many sources so you can just imagine how the heck did I collect the 100+ KOTOKO songs in my multiply. :D). Well not just I’ve Sound, but also some other J-pop band or group which are “lesser mainstream”. Yes, I go for “rarer” singers/groups. The mainstreamers are uberly taken. xD
  • GSG Admin Jen entrusted me as the GSG Co-Admin (although the task is not that easy!) and also one of the scriptwriters for the sequel of her movie Sagashi Ateru 2: The Prisoners of Fate. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be on it! ^__^ I promise we’ll work hard for it! ^^;
  • The Keepers of the Flame (KOTF) gatherings — it never failed to make me more happier. ^^ Thanks to all KOTF members! 🙂 Specially last December 22, the day for KOTF EB/Fred_Itachi’s Birthday Celebration/Ryoga Reunion (If you’re wondering what is the “Ryoga”, it’s also a group that me and my friends separately formed because we easily get lost! Just like Ryoga Hibiki of Ranma 1/2). Although the day was shorter than expected, I’m still very happy that I got to see my friends again and took a photo in Tronix. Sorry I still haven’t posted the pic because I haven’t had it scanned yet.

And there you have it! I think this post has gotten longer that people won’t have the time to read it. Those are just the most highlighted successes and failures that I won’t ever forget in my life. Hehehe… ^^; Maybe I should be doing this every last day of the year. Maybe tomorrow, I will have evaluation on some J-pop singers/groups and future expectations about them. ^^


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3 responses to “Year 2007 Evaluation

  1. Shaoran

    2008/01/02 at 12:55 am

    >great evaluatioN! Let’s try not to remember the sad things that happened to GSG. It’s quite sad that it had to happened this year, though… Happy new year! Kapatid

  2. D-tecnoGeek

    2008/01/05 at 9:12 am

    >Well, I finally figured things out! *waves to oni* YAY I’M HERE! ^o^The year’s been tough for all of us, but at least it gave us the chance to mature. 🙂 We need maturity more than success – is what I think anyway. But still, like everyone else, I also wish for a good 2008. ^__^Happy new year, oni – though it’s uber late already. Thanks for being my friend for another year. *squishes you with love* May our bloodline live another year and wishing you all the best! 🙂

  3. Fred_Itachi

    2008/01/06 at 2:19 pm

    >@kapatid> yes I won’t let that tragic event get the best of me. ^^ And thanks for being part of my life kapatid!@imouto> you’re right. ^^ Even if I was heavy-hearted that time, I always think that I’m not alone and all is not too late for changes and you, my friends and clanmates are still around to continue what we have started.happy new year to the both of you. ^_^ I couldn’t make it to 2008 without the two of you and our other friends! I love ya all! *group hug*


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