>Kaori Utatsuki – "Chasse" single review

21 Nov

>sentiment: on la-la-land… x_X
harmony: “Chasse” by Kaori Utatsuki

Chasse single cover

At last, Chasse is now available! I was waiting for it last night until midnight but my source was kind of… lacking for now… XD Oh well, at least I already have the single now. Starting from this review, I will be having some sorta “article” format so that it will be “organized” to all readers! 😉

I. Brief Introduction

Chasse is Kaori Utatsuki’s 2nd maxi single (yes, just second) produced by I’ve Sound and Geneon Entertainment. I had the impression that Chasse was a dance but when you heard the song, your foot will lay back from its dancing position and instead, just relax while listening to the song. The title track was used as the 3rd ending theme for the recently-released anime Hayate no Gotoku! or Hayate the Combat Butler in English (let’s be formal with the universal language). According to aibublog, Chasse means “drive out” but still the DANSU (katakana spell for “dance”) is still present in the lyrics. So, drive out + dance = ??? O_O;;

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Chasse — 3:45
  2. Change of heart — 5:12
  3. Chasse (instrumental) — 3:45
  4. Change of heart (instrumental) — 5:11

II. Listening Proper

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III. Review Proper

Chasse is uhmm… How should I say this? Relaxing? “LSS-ing”? Mind killer? Well, all of them actually do. If it wasn’t for the “runrunrun rara runrun ruru” fever, it’s not going to be something any special for my taste and hearing. Another of Kaorin’s “cute fluffy” song (since it’s kind of her “specialty” already) that will surely kill your mind and your vocal will go “runrunrun rara runrun ruru” without you noticing it. No kidding, it’s killing my head right now — almost. xD And with Kaorin’s small and a bit squeaky voice, it even makes the whole song a lot more kawaii than her other H-game songs and her debut single Shining stars bless. Hearing this song, just like when my imouto Nikki-chan heard it’s TV size, it’s like a very cute yet relaxing song that it’ll take you back to your childhood times! Yes, this song is pretty good to listen to when you are stressed out and relaxing somewhere.

The song starts with a “sprinkly” feeling then she starts her “runrunrun rara runrun ruru” lines. Like what I’ve said in my earlier posts, it is a very downbeat and slow-paced song and yet it maintains it kawaiiness until the end of the song. Kazuya Takase, who has not regain his “honour” for composing rather unattractive songs lately, did a good (take note, good! Not great.) job on this song partly and slowly regaining his name after his composition in one of Mami Kawada’s songs entitled triangle (B-side from JOINT single and the ending theme for Shakugan no Shana II) which was good and soft to the ears. In 2:25, there’s a bit long instrumental part and it’s a very soothing to the ears. I like the instruments used in the song which makes you more relaxed.

On the other hand, the B-side song Change of heart is a fairly upbeat song. Yes, it’s a bit contrary to the previous song. Upbeat yet still maintaning the softness in the ears. At least, Maiko Iuchi did a good job on this as the composer and arranger of the song. I’d totally prefer this rather than the messy Virgin’s high! (by MELL) and Kaorin’s sleazy debut single Shining stars bless. A bit techno-ish in the start and has a faster rhythm than Chasse. And this song, maybe is one of Kaorin’s masterpiece not because it’s pretty good but because, as I see it, it’s her first song that she wrote the lyrics for herself. I thought she’ll depend again to KOTOKO for the lyrics but she just shown in this song that she can also be a lyricist and singer at the same time. And she has a good English in the lyrics (the way she speaks it, it’s average. Not good, not bad), not much of a cliche unlike the one in MELL‘s Virgin’s high and kicks! lyrics (e.g. Please call me maiden, sky girls. Rising crazy? and My name is pain.)

drive out!

Overall, this single is much more better than her last single which was a bit sick-o because Shining stars bless was not kawaii and not that good and it’s like the guitar in the PV was just a prop. Why play the guitar when I can’t hear it in the whole song? I can hear but it’s just faint and only on some parts of the song. Chasse was delightful and refreshing. I prefer it more than her Change of heart despite of its soft upbeatness but the lyrics of Chasse is more attractive and good to the ears. ^_^ I’d rate it 4.5/5.


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2 responses to “>Kaori Utatsuki – "Chasse" single review

  1. evilevilevil

    2007/11/29 at 4:18 am

    >haha, Chasse is a funny song. I thought shining stars bless# was a bit cutesy but Chasse has got to take the cake. I got the lunlunlun parts stuck in my head, lolMELL’s virgin’s high! just had pretty bad engrish lyrics but I liked the song as a whole.

  2. fred_itachi

    2007/12/01 at 1:40 pm

    >yeah Virgin’s high is not bad but MELL should at least improve on her being lyricist. But it’s a good thing she’s trying.You said it, that “lunlunlun” got me on the going… I mean everywhere… so bad yet so good. xD


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