>Good news!! JOINT at #9!

07 Nov

>sentiment: uber uber happy!

harmony: “triangle” by Mami Kawada


I just visited Oricon again!! xD And yay! I was really surprised!!!! XD Surprised that I slapped myself and shouted for joy when I saw JOINT in the Oricon weekly charts at the #9 position!!!! Yay! I thought it won’t be at #9!! But I’m glad that it was!!! And yeah, as of today, JOINT is now Mami Kawada’s most successful single to date beating her 2nd single Hishoku no Sora in #11 position. Although the total sales of the latter (which is 16,500 copies) is still higher, the position, I think, is what matters with a total sales of 15,949 copies this week! XD Yay! I’m happy for you Mami!!! XDD~ *jumps for joy*

I hope this single will stay another week in the Oricon weekly charts and still looking forward for it’s total copies sold so I’ll be able to edit the information in Wikipedia. xD

OT: Haven’t saw Lipstick/Ichiban Boshi in the daily charts… =( sadly, Lipstick was good (I already DL’d the single). Btw, I’ll make a review for the said single later. ^__^


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2 responses to “>Good news!! JOINT at #9!

  1. urumi

    2007/11/07 at 3:55 pm

    >AAAHHH!!! Hurray for Mami!! She’s so great kyaaa!!! *scuttles around*

  2. fred_itachi

    2007/11/08 at 7:09 pm

    >I didn’t notice that I have 1 comment here. *ish sorry for the late reply* yeshh~ Mami is really great! *flies choco confettis everywhere*


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