>Get my way! single

07 Aug

>sentiment: very enlightened
harmony: “Aozora to Taiyou” by Mami Kawada

Get my way! cover

Ah yes! I already have my copy of the single although it’s just August 7 nighttime here in the Philippines. xD And I’m extremely excited for this single!! Nyahaha! Time for another criticization rating! haha!

Here’s the tracklist for the single:

1. Get my way!
2. Aozora to Taiyou
3. Get my way! (instrumental)
4. Aozora to Taiyou (instrumental)

Get my way! is a short rock-type music by Mami Kawada. In this track, she showed that she can be very versatile when it comes to music. Be it trance, techno, ballad or rock. I’d never thought at first that she can pull out a rock song but it was pretty good! IMO, she’s the only I’ve Girls member who is capable of performing good rock music. And plus, she plays the electric guitar! Another asset for her! In my Mami Kawada collection, this is probably the shortest song that I have since this is only 2:56 in length.

Aozora to Taiyou is not completely the opposite of Get my way! It is another upbeat dance track from her! I thought this song will be a ballad but it turned out to be a dance track that really makes up my mood! (I’m listening to it right now and it’s pretty good! ^_^) I’d say this really makes up your mood specially when you’re in Japan right now since it’s summer there. By the way, this song is translated as “The Blue Sky & Sun” so basically this really puts up the mood when you’re in the beach!

My rating? 5/5! haha! I’m not bias but I really liked what the single came out. I like the songs better than Akai Namida/Beehive (although these two are still my favorites) as all of them are upbeat, lively and somewhat perky. If you want the mp3, then go to my multiply site! I have already uploaded it in my Mami Kawada playlist. ^_^

If I were to choose between the two, I would choose Aozora to Taiyou as I like dance tracks better than rock but don’t be mistaken, I still like Get my way! as it shows her versatility in music genres. And I’d say she really rocks! XD

Putting that aside, I’m already finished with her fanlisting but the problem is, I can’t seem to send email as I tried to register there in my fanlisting to try out. I send an email of the membership approval but it never arrived. o_o *aarrrgghhh* If only email would not be needed, the fanlisting will be already out. x_x anyways, here’s a sneak peek for the fanlisting…. xD

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